Aidan Maloney Young Professionals Award

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Northwest Rotary Aidan Maloney Young Professionals Award 

In 2010, the Northwest Rotary Aidan Maloney Young Professionals Award was created to recognize up to two young professionals annually who have positively impacted their chosen vocations and communities.  This award demonstrates Rotary’s commitment towards developing young professionals and profiles the work of Rotary, while proudly honoring a St. John’s Northwest Rotarian, former Rotary District Governor Aidan Maloney.


Mr. Aidan Maloney

Aidan Maloney was a member of the Rotary Club of St. John’s Northwest from 1970 until his passing in 2018. Aidan served as Club President (1979-1980), District Governor (1987-1988) and is a Paul Harris fellow (1988). Over his lifetime, he positively impacted the Newfoundland and Labrador community at an exemplary level within and beyond the Rotary family. Mr. Maloney is a member of the Order of Canada, holds an honorary doctorate from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN); is a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Award and the Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year Award; is a former Provincial Minister for the Department of Fisheries; and was Honorary Counsel to Japan. He was involved in numerous boards and volunteer organizations over the years, including former Chairman of the Board for St. Clare’s Hospital, and board member for the Newfoundland Quarterly Foundation and Railway Coastal Museum. In addition, he personally funded scholarships focusing on musical excellence and enjoyed singing in the Mary Queen of Peace Church Choir. Above all, Aidan accomplished this life of community service with grace, humility and cooperation; setting a solid example for young professionals.
Click here to watch a video of past recipients describing how the impact of receiving an award named after Aidan Maloney has motivated them to do even more in their community. 
Click here to watch a video of past recipients and learn what receiving this award has meant to them.

Past Award Recipients:

2022 Presentation (L-R): Kristina Kearney (Award Recipient), Aidan Whittle (Aidan's great grandson), Leigh Bursey (Award Recipient)
2021 Presentation (L-R): Colin Ryan (Award Recipient), Aidan Whittle (Aidan's great grandson), Juleah Lunden (Award Recipient)
2020 Presentation (L-R) Courtney Clarke (Award Recipient), Maureen Murphy (Aidan's Daughter), Ashley Power-Stack (Award Recipient)
2019 Presentation: (L-R): Peter Whittle (Aidan's Grandson), Jessica Fisher (Award Recipient), Melissa Royle (Award Recipient), and Kerry Hatfield (Rotary Club President)
2018 Presentation: (L-R) Josh Smee, award recipient, Andrea Brocklehurst, Rotary President, Maureen Murphy, Aidan Maloney's daughter and Nikki Carew, award recipient
2017 Presentation: (L-R) Greg Smith, award recipient, Maureen Murphy, Aidan Maloney's daughter and Susan Collins, award recipient
2016 Presentation: (L-R) Dana Parsons, award recipient, Maureen Murphy, Aidan Maloney's daughter and Mandy Woodland, award recipient
2015 Presentation: (L-R) Beth McGrath, award recipient, Maureen Murphy, Aidan Maloney's daughter and Chris Dunne, award recipient
2014 Presentation: (L-R) Don-E Coady, award recipient, Aidan Maloney and Andrew Wadden, award recipient
2013 Presentation: (L-R) Aidan Maloney, Holly Foley, award recipient, Geoff Eaton, award recipient










2012 Presentation: (L-R) Peter Benoite, award recipient, Aidan Maloney, Amanda Burton, award recipient











2011 Presentation: (L-R) Aidan Maloney, Past District Governor; Jamie Roche, award recipient; Dr. Andrew Furey, award recipient; Carman Carroll, President











2010 Presentation: (L-R) John Andrews, Vocational Service Director; Andrea Stack, Club President; Holly White,  award recipient; Aidan Maloney, Past District Governor; Raelene Lee, award recipient; Sandi Patterson, Chair of Vocational Service Award.