At the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest on Nov 1st, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation representative Maureen Murphy presented Rotarian Ed Drover with an award for outstanding services to the community for his vision and work with Rotary Manor (Lynch Place). 
The Board of Rotary Community Housing was invited to send two representatives to the NLHC Partner-managed Housing Conference. They were also were invited to nominate a Board Member for expertise, outstanding contribution, and long service. The Board of Directors of Northwest Rotary Community Housing Inc. submitted a nomination to NLHC on behalf of Mr. Edwin (Ed) Drover for an award to honour his outstanding and long service to the project of Northwest Rotary Community Housing Inc. (Lynch Place, St. John’s NL). Subsequently, NLHC selected him for an award which was announced on October 21 2016, at the NLHC-sponsored Partner Managed Housing and Co-op Projects Conference.
          The announcement of the award referenced that about thirty years ago, a small group of Rotarian's led by Mr. Drover identified a gap in community service – a shortage of housing for seniors, single-parents, and disabled people. This group did some background research and submitted a proposal for funding. They were successful both with connecting with the relevant and local community groups for their added intelligence and support; and with securing the necessary financing. Furthermore, Mr. Drover led the committee of Rotarian's who provided for logistics such as architectural design, legal work, and tenant relations oversight.
          The Conference audience was told that as Past-Chair, Mr. Drover still is on the Board of Northwest Rotary Community Housing Inc., and was the Chair until 2016. He continues to direct the good work of this project, with an unwavering vision and commitment - almost thirty years since the start! The result is readily seen – attractive, customized, clean, and safe housing offered to about 100 (tenants and families). Mr. Drover was, therefore, selected to receive this award recognizing his dedication, expertise, hard work, and outstanding and long service to community housing.