Posted on Jun 03, 2020

The Rotary Club of St. John’s Northwest wishes to thank our very loyal Trip of the Month Club members for your steadfast and generous support of our fundraising efforts.  Some of you have been members of our travel club for years and years.  We are most appreciative of your support.


We have all found ourselves in uncharted territory since late February, and the current unprecedented world travel challenges are not ideal for introducing our new season of trip options for your consideration.  However, these unique times have also resulted in greater community needs for assistance.  Our Rotary Club must fund raise in order to help.


We hope to introduce our next Trip of the Month season of trips as soon as possible.  We will notify you as soon as we can obtain approvals to proceed.  We are trying to come up with some innovative and lower-risk travel choices for your consideration.


We will be in touch when we know more. In the meantime, thank you again for your loyal support, and ….. stay SAFE!