Friendship Exchange

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Friendship Exchange
The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians around the world.  In addition to experiencing other cultures and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides a strong foundation for carrying out other international activities and service projects.
The primary goal of a Friendship Exchange is to build greater international understanding and goodwill among Rotarians and their families. In addition, exchange participants can:
• Learn how their vocations are practiced in other parts of the world
• Observe new customs and cultures
• Promote an appreciation of cultural diversity worldwide
Please click here to visit the Rotary International Website and learn more about Friendship exchanges.
The Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest has participated in several friendship exchanges over the years.  Our club members enjoy hosting Rotarians from all parts of the world and we enjoy visiting the cities of other Rotarians and learning about their culture.
New Mexico & West Texas Friendship Exchange (District to District)
In November 2015, a group of seven, members from our club along with other members and partners from our District (District 7820) visited clubs in New Mexico and West Texas, part of District 5520. The group had a wonderful time meeting new Rotarian friends that treated them like family. They were hosted, fed and shown the sights by local Rotarians. They made presentations to five clubs or groups of clubs on the three provinces they were from in our District. The group looks forward to visiting District 7820 in October 2016 to complete the friendship exchange, and we look forward to hosting them. 
Australia Friendship Exchange (District to District)
Following a visit to District 7820 by 10 Australians , Rotarians and partners from District 9650, in June 2012 a group of 10 Rotarians and partners from District 7820 paid a return visit to Australia in September 2012. For a period of 17 days the group travelled throughout New South Wales on a 20 passenger bus with Grahame and Kaye Stelzer of the Gloucester Rotary Club as our chauffeur and guide. They visited five towns staying at least 3 nights in each place at Rotarian host homes. They were entertained by several Rotary Clubs in each of the areas they visited and not only learned about many of the projects these clubs are working on but also got a very intimate look at life in Australia   
Friendship exchange with Stockholm, Sweden
During the summer of 2009 Rotarians from Stockholm, Sweden visited St. John’s.  The Rotary club of St. John’s Northwest had lots of fun showing them all about life in Newfoundland and what the local Rotary clubs were accomplishing.  In August 2012 Rotarians from our club travelled to Sweden to be hosted by the Rotary club in Stockholm.  Those involved had a great time learning all about Sweden and Rotary in Sweden.
Friendship Exchange with Australia
A friendship exchange can also involve many clubs in one area.  The Rotary Club of St. John’s Northwest, together with the St. John’s Rotary Club and the St. John’s East Rotary Club hosted 5 visiting Australian couples in September, 2005. Each host Club handled one complete day of activities for the visitors.  A good fellowship time was enjoyed by all.
Once their few days in St. John’s were over the 5 Australian couples were ferried to Whitbourne by members of our Club where Clarenville Rotary Club members picked up the guests for further hosting in the Bonavista Bay area. The Visitors went on across the island hosted by other Rotary Clubs, eventually departing via the Port aux Basques Ferry.